Web Camera Pro

Video surveillance with artificial intelligence

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Examples of using the Web Camera Pro

Your yard
A computer with artificial intelligence looks after what happens in your yard or at home. All the events you see on your mobile phone
Elevator hall
From the elevator hall, then you will receive videos on your mobile phone only at the time when there was a certain event. The system does not depend on the orientation of the camera, distinguishes people, animals, cars and other objects.
Parking lot
In the parking system, the system will automatically recognize the entry or exit of the car, as well as determine its number
Watching pets at home. The program distinguishes pets from humans.
Protection of objects
Our program helps the operator to identify and display only the necessary events from the video stream. Do not look at hundreds of small pictures on the monitor.
Supervision of babysitting. Monitoring the cleaning based on human detection.
Key benefits

Most existing video surveillance systems are ineffective, because they are only able to record video in the archive. Our program is based on modern technologies based on neural networks, trained on large data sets. Web Camera Pro turns ordinary cameras into smart security devices that "understand" what's happening on the video.
How it works?
The guard, as a rule, sits in front of the monitor with a lot of small images and tries to observe what is happening. Our program helps the operator to identify and display only the necessary events from the video stream. Also, the program saves disk space and hardware costs through intelligent processing. On the mobile phone guard will arrive videos at the onset of certain events and you can on-line to see on which floor is now an attacker.
How to start?
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Web Camera Pro & Web Camera Coud

Web Camera Pro application is a part of Web Camera Cloud system.
Most of the software products that are currently on the market have been designed based on outdated approaches to design and are difficult to configure. Unlike the currently available software products, Web Camera Pro has a very simple interface, a minimum number of options and does not require special knowledge. The intelligent subsystem itself finds network cameras and connects them to the program. This allows dramatically simplify the settings and reduce the cost of specialists. The interface itself is designed taking into account the possibility of using on various devices, including tablets. Web Camera Pro is a multiplatform solution. The first version is released for MS Windows (64 bit), but in the near future there will also be products for Linux, Android and Mac.
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Web Camera Pro makes video surveillance smart, giving it the ability to think events for real-time object recognition. A fundamentally new technological level and ease of use.
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