What are the benefits of AHD technology?
Some advantages are listed below:
Using a conventional coaxial cable, AHD cameras transmit information to the recorder at a distance of 5 times than that of older analog cameras.
AHD equipment provides a resolution of AHD-M - 1280x720 (720p) and AHD-H - 1920x1080 (FullHD).

Among other advantages are no less significant:
-Easy to build a video surveillance system;
-similarity in many respects with the functionality of IP-systems;
-no delay in signal transmission;
-low AHD requirements for coaxial cable;
- AHD equipment forms a progressive scan, which gives a stable image on the monitor.
- compatibility with IP equipment and possible collaboration, where the work of these devices can be used, being with each other in different percentages.

AHD recorders are compatible with conventional analog cameras and can be a hybrid solution with the ability to connect IP cameras. Such recorders are also called hybrid.

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