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You can convert your outdated smartphone into an IP Camera using the mobile application. The app supports Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) streaming, making it ideal for monitoring your home or workplace even when you're not present
RTSP is a network communication protocol that enables the streaming of audio and video data in real-time over the internet or local network. It is often used for surveillance cameras, video conferencing, and other multimedia applications that require real-time data transmission.

To get started, simply install the RTSP Security Camera app on your old smartphone. Once installed, you can use it over Wi-Fi to create a video surveillance system without having to spend a fortune on an IP camera. The app comes with a built-in RTSP server to stream video and audio for network live broadcast, so you don't need any additional hardware.

Web Camera Pro
If you want to record everything that happens in your home while you're away, install the Web Camera Pro software on your computer. The software comes with an intelligent motion detector that allows you to view live streaming and recorded events captured by motion detection. You can monitor your loved ones' health or find out what your pets are up to.

The RTSP Security Camera app comes packed with a variety of features to enhance your user experience. You can use your smartphone as an IP camera, which works 24/7 with the screen off. You can live stream video and audio to your personal computer or mobile phone, save video broadcasts and time-lapses on your computer in real-time, use your phone as a webcam on your PC with audio input, and connect to your CCTV surveillance system with Wi-Fi.

Other features include ultra-low latency and minimum delay, the ability to work in the background as a service, low power consumption, H264 compression video stream, and the option to choose between the back main camera and the front-facing camera. You can also monitor live streaming video 24/7 all day and night, support different camera resolutions, set the number of frames per second, choose the main or front camera for CCTV broadcast, and benefit from an automatic restart of the broadcast in case of Wi-Fi network failures.

How to Use
Using the app is easy. To start, open the RTSP Security Camera app on your old smartphone and stream video over Wi-Fi from your phone's camera using the RTSP protocol.

You can use a connection string like this: rtsp://admin:[email protected]:1935.
admin: admin - default login and password (you can change it in settings) - mobile phone IP address in your local network
1935 - connection port (you can change it in settings)

To use your mobile phone as an IP camera, simply install Web Camera Pro, add a new camera, and enter the RTSP address from RTSP Security Camera, like this: rtsp://admin:[email protected]:1935.

If you're looking for a cost-effective and convenient way to monitor your home or office remotely, turn your old smartphone into an HD camera with support for RTSP streaming. Download the RTSP Security Camera app today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can keep an eye on your property from anywhere, at any time.
Reuse your old smartphones as IP cameras and turns it into professional video surveillance system for your home or office.
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Video Monitoring
Camera Motion Detector
With the Camera Motion Detector app, you can easily record videos with motion detection. Simply activate the motion detector by clicking the 'start' button on the app's main screen, and the app will start recording videos automatically when it detects any motion in front of the camera. You can even adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector to suit your needs, choosing either simple detection or neural network-based detection for object recognition, such as people, animals, and vehicles. Once the motion detector has been activated and the app detects any motion, the video will be automatically saved to your phone's gallery or to the VideoSurveillance.Cloud server, depending on your settings.
CCTV Cloud
If you're worried about the security of your property when you're away, CCTV Cloud is the solution for you. This mobile app enables remote monitoring of your property, no matter where you are. As part of the VideoSurveillance.Cloud platform, CCTV Cloud lets you manage your IP camera devices and receive event alerts from your phone.
Whether you're on vacation, off-hours at the office, or have other properties to monitor, the app allows you to keep a watchful eye on your assets. It's also a great tool for keeping an eye on pets or elderly loved ones who need care.
Home Security Camera
The Home Security Camera app offers a great way to view and record video streams from IP surveillance cameras. This impressive software lets you transform your old smartphones into top-notch surveillance devices.
With a user-friendly interface, setting up and operating the app is simple and hassle-free. You can conveniently manage and monitor data from various devices, and remotely access your live feed from any location, providing you with peace of mind for your pets, children, or valuable items.
RTMP Camera
Transform your old mobile phone into a top-notch camera that can stream high-quality videos to popular platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. RTMP Security Camera software makes it possible to use your phone as an IP camera for your CCTV system.

The software is packed with a wide range of features that allow you to stream videos from your front or main camera even when your phone is locked or when you are using another app. You can also stream live video and audio to your computer, and use your phone as a CCTV camera on your PC with audio input. With our software, you can easily stream high-quality videos and keep your property secure.
Surveillance Cloud and Web Camera Pro
The Video Surveillance Cloud is a hybrid cloud solution that uses real-time intelligent video analytics technology by Web Camera Pro on the stream source side. This cloud-based video surveillance system simplifies the process of connecting devices, allowing users to store video recordings on the cloud, enabling them to access their video feeds from any location. This solution provides reliable, efficient, and easy-to-use video surveillance capabilities, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

One of the significant advantages of the Video Surveillance Cloud is that it allows for horizontal scaling of the video surveillance system, making it possible to connect new surveillance objects. This scalability ensures that organizations can expand their surveillance system to cover new areas without having to replace their existing infrastructure. The Video Surveillance Cloud also offers more scalability than traditional on-premises storage, ensuring that users can store and access as much video data as they need.

Web Camera Pro is a local video surveillance software for Windows that operates on the stream source side. The software uses real-time intelligent video analytics technology to reduce the load on the communication channel and cloud storage by tens of times. It enables object detection, people detection, facial recognition, and identification of car numbers. This technology is far more advanced than a regular motion detector, significantly reducing the load on the data transmission channels.

Web Camera Pro has a simple interface with a minimum number of options, making it user-friendly and easy to navigate. The software used by the Video Surveillance Cloud allows for buffering data, increasing the system's fault tolerance for video surveillance, and ensuring it operates even without an internet connection. This feature makes it possible for businesses to continue monitoring their premises even in the event of an internet outage.

The Video Surveillance Cloud and Web Camera Pro are the future of video surveillance technology. This hybrid cloud solution combines the benefits of both on-premises and cloud technology, allowing organizations to customize their surveillance system to meet their specific needs. The Video Surveillance Cloud offers scalability, accessibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. With Web Camera Pro's real-time intelligent video analytics technology, businesses can significantly reduce the load on data transmission channels, making it easier to monitor and manage their surveillance system

Security Camera Software

Motion detection, computer-controlled analytics, and time-lapse video recording are features that have revolutionized the way we think about home security. In this article, we will explore these features in more detail and how they can enhance your home security experience.

Motion Detection
Motion detection is a vital feature of modern security cameras. It allows the camera to send notifications when it detects motion within its field of view. These notifications can alert you to suspicious activity so you can monitor the situation. Motion-activated design automatically records once motion is detected, then sends you app notifications. Smart intelligence gives you a more personal and purposeful home security experience. With this feature, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is secure even when you're not around.

Computer-Controlled Analytics and Identification
Computer-controlled analytics and identification are advanced features that allow cameras to identify, track, and categorize objects in their field of view. The software automatically analyzes video to detect and determine temporal events not based on a single image but rather object classification. This system can detect anomalies in a crowd, for instance, a person moving in the opposite direction. The data can be processed within the cameras (on the edge) or by a centralized server. On the server, the software automatically identifies or verifies a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. One of the ways to do this is by comparing selected facial features from the image and a facial database. This feature allows you to keep track of who is coming in and out of your home and helps you to identify potential threats.

Time-Lapse Video Recording
Time-lapse video recording is another feature that enhances your home security experience. Home Security Camera generates time-lapse video automatically. A video is made up of 25 single photos per second that, when placed back-to-back, trick our mind into seeing motion. But what would happen if we only took one photo every second, and then played them back at 25 frames per second? The result is a magnificent hyper-realistic compression of time. This feature can be used to track the movement of people and objects over an extended period, allowing you to monitor your property more effectively.

Motion detection, computer-controlled analytics, and time-lapse video recording are advanced features that enhance the functionality of home security cameras. Motion detection allows for immediate notifications, computer-controlled analytics allows for advanced tracking and identification of objects, and time-lapse video recording allows for extended monitoring. These features together provide a comprehensive and effective home security solution.
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