Video surveillance software: Home Security Camera

Home Security Camera is a system that makes video surveillance smart, changing cameras from just seeing to thinking – face recognition, object detection and real-time video content analysis.

The Home Security Camera utilizes computer vision technology to provide a comprehensive understanding of all activities captured by your webcams.

With advanced algorithms, you'll receive smart alerts about the activities that matter to you most. With flexible alerts, you can receive notifications about a specific or unknown person's visit, or be informed of any activity that occurs within a set timeframe.

You can also create activity zones and set specific rules for your cameras, allowing you to receive emails or fast notifications when certain events are triggered. With the ability to track specific objects and easily retrieve footage from your video archive, Home Security Camera provides powerful and intelligent surveillance capabilities for any computer or mobile device, enabling you to access your video surveillance system from anywhere.

This app is capable of identifying and alerting you when someone enters your home through push notifications. You can also monitor your children's attendance and their friends' visits without feeling pressured. It can also alert you to unfamiliar faces on your property, track movements, study customer behavior in a department store, and be integrated with smart home systems.

Free Security Camera
Turns an old Android phone into a powerful wireless home security camera for Free!
Free Security Camera
Free Security Camera - Use your old phone as a surveillance IP camera
Home Security Camera
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