What is a multi-format (hybrid) camera and DVR?
The multi-format (hybrid) camera is a high-resolution video camera compatible with various types of equipment (AHD, TVI, CVI).

The hybrid camera is compatible with cameras of its kind and finds a common language with cameras of other formats. For example, a camera that supports AHD and TVI format can work with the same DVRs.

If we simulate a situation where there is already installed video surveillance, which includes a DVR from the manufacturer HiWatch, working with the TVI format, then we can say with confidence that here you can install a multi-format camera that supports the TVI format.

This indicates that the process of modernizing video surveillance through the use of multi-format cameras, the hallmark of which is combining with other video surveillance systems, has been greatly simplified.

Summing up, it can be noted that the era of new technologies continues, and video surveillance systems not only operate, but also successfully interact with each other.

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